Southern Colorado Job - High tech jobs in Southern Colorado
Our BuildingLocated in a scenic mountain valley of Southern Colorado, we are an industry leader in robotics. We design manufacturing equipment, electronics and software that are marketed worldwide. We are currently seeking well-rounded, highly intelligent, and motivated individuals to join our small team. If you are interested in relocating to/living in a beautiful, rural area in Southern Colorado to work in a high-tech industry and posses the integrity and attitude of a true leader in the professional world, please take a minute to view our job opportunities.

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Our Company Benefits Include:

Great Location
Live and work in a beautiful mountain paradise where the cost of living/housing is surprisingly affordable! Enjoy nature and prolific wildlife with local hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, boating, golfing, sports, and more. Weather is sunny and nice most of the year. Shop and dine locally within a community of friendly people. Urban amenities are within a 25-minute drive.
Excellent Work Environment
Be part of an exciting work environment with positive morale, respect, ethics, and great opportunities. Work with a team where everyone does their very best. Work schedules are convenient, without unreasonably long hours. All offices include giant windows with striking views unheard of in the corporate world.
Profit Sharing
You earn your base pay for the time you work, plus we pay you bonuses in proportion to company sales and your contribution to our success. This system offers tremendous income potential!
Health Insurance
Flexible health plan lets you choose between many types of health insurance. You have the option to obtain comprehensive coverage with full tax benefits, or to take home as pay what isn’t used for health insurance.
Retirement Plan
Voluntary retirement account includes a significant company contribution.
First two years: approximately 14 paid days off per year. After two years: approximately 19 paid days off per year. Flexible options for additional, unpaid time off.
Company Gym
Get your exercise after work at the top-notch, on-site weight room.
Company Events
Barbeques, dinner parties, paintball competitions, and more!

All benefits are subject to eligibility requirements and plan specifics.